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How to expand your R&D team by 300 scientists, solve problems faster, create products that delight your customers, and still save 75% of your R&D costs ?

This is possible because of Quarkonics' unique collection of technologies, tools, scientific knowledge-base, and experts.

This collection of experts and technologies, that grew over the last eight years,  is not only unique but also extremely powerful in solving complex technology problems faster.

For example, oil industry was able to develop some of the pioneering technologies with Quarkonics, such as the world's first real-time oil well drilling automation technology, the world's first downhole flow sensor, and the world's most realistic downhole simulator.  

"When 300 world-class scientists focus their attention on a problem, no problem is too complex to solve!"

- N. P. Kulkarni, Ph.D., CEO, Quarkonics

With Quarkonics you can save up to 75% of the cost of R&D

Partnering with Quarkonics adds 300 scientists to your R&D team in one shot, without going through administrative hurdles

You can create technologies that delight your customers 

When 300 scientific minds work together with your engineers, you can easily create products that customers will love

You can accelerate innovation

You do not have to put your digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IoT, predictive analysis projects on hold for any reason

You can cut through the clutter

You can get to the right solution simply by asking the right experts who have spent their lives in their fields, and save valuable time and effort of your engineers

You can avoid costly mistakes

You can reduce the risk of failure of new R&D projects by getting help and insights from world-class scientists

You can get strategic advice on technologies

CEOs and CTOs can get strategic advice on the latest advances in digital transformation, AI, IOT, blockchain, new nano-materials, etc., from the world experts in their fields

You can solve wider variety of problems

You can add new domain expertise to your organization and expand your capability of solving wide variety of customers' problems

You can generate lots of new creative ideas

You can define problems scientifically and generate lots of creative ideas to solve them by brainstorming with 300 scientists                    

Start implementing your ideas in 

Artificial Intelligence and IoT

We can give robots visual intelligence

We can make robots aware of their environment and give them ability to search objects

We can make your factory operation faster, safer, and more efficient

We can listen to your machines and tell you when it is time to service, whether all machines are running at peak efficiency, and their operating parameters are within set limits

We can even create a self-running factory

We can use the combination of IoT and Artificial Intelligence to automate all aspects of plant operation

End-to-End Solutions Assured

When you have 300 world-class scientists to solve a problem, you can be assured that you will have the best possible end-to-end solution

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What we do


Digital Transformation


Industrial Internet of Things


Data driven intelligence


Artificial Intelligence




Virtual Reality


Material science




Scientific modeling and simulations

But we do not offer merely digital transformation and AI. We offer a sure-shot way to high profitability. With your expanded R&D team you can do a lot: 

  1. Develop competitive hi-tech products 
  2. Solve customers' problems faster
  3. Give customers what they want: cost saving, efficiency, peak production...
  4. Accelerate product/technology development
  5. Explore new business opportunities created by new technologies
  6. Go digital
  7. Stay ahead of the competition
  8. Try new technologies fast and with minimum risk, avoid costly mistakes
  9. Fill the knowledge gap
  10. Use artificial intelligence to provide right information to employees at their fingertips
  11. Build new domain knowledge 
  12. Convert theories into products
  13. Brainstorm with the smartest minds in the industry
  14. Get fresh perspectives from scientists
  15. Adapt ideas from other industries to solve problems for your customers
  16. Adapt technologies to deliver faster, better, cheaper products and services

For CEOs and CTOs

For those concerned with the bottomline on your company's balance sheet, Quarkonics can save 75% of the cost of R&D and significantly improve revenues through innovative products and technologies. 

For Engineers and Innovators

For those whose day-to-day job is to solve problems, you get the right answers to your technology problems at your fingertip, in seconds. You can ask a question to one of our scientists by email or simply pickup the phone and talk to one of them. 

Quarkonics' mission is to accelerate innovation and creatively solve challenging problems in industry by bringing together right scientific advances, right technologies, and right experts

Accelerate innovation in your organization

See case studies

Read our stories of how large corporations like National Oilwell Varco (Market Cap $25 Billion) achieved 47% improvement in oilwell drilling efficiency through technology innovation. Read more

Technologies that can make a big difference in your business

Visual intelligence, vibration recognition, predictive maintenance, simulators, .... and so many more technologies can make your business significantly faster, better, and more efficient. Read more

See how Quarkonics Accelerate Innovation platform works and what it can do for you

Innovators and entrepreneurs have lots of questions and Quarkonics Innovation platform can help getting their answers. Read more

Oil prices are rising, material costs are rising, competition is fierce, everyone wants to do AI, digital transformation, ....

But you can solve problems faster because you have 300 scientists with you

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Detroit, MI 48202


Email: info@quarkonics.com
Phone: +1 (877) 483-8727 

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