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Inventors of Helmsman, the world's most precise autonomous directional drilling technology

Helmsman drilled smooth horizontal well with incredible 86% accuracy, 94% efficiency, and 35% higher ROP using steerable mud motor

Drilling Machine or Drilling Magic?

In collaboration with National Oilwell Varco, we recently tested our autonomous directional drilling technology called Helmsman. Helmsman drilled smooth horizontal well using rotary steering mechanism with incredible 86% accuracy and 94% efficiency.  Average ROP was 100 ft/hr, with peak ROP 150 ft/hr. Helmsman kept the drill bit precisely on the planned path for non-stop 68 hours and total more than 100 hours, cutting through various hard rock structures. It was almost a magical performance. 

This incredible feat was possible because we brought three key ingredients together: physics, artificial intelligence, and the latest advances in control systems. 

We want to do even better: can we drill with 98% accuracy? improve ROP further by 50%- drill at the rate of 200 ft/hr? reduce drilling time by 20% and improve downhole equipment life by 80%? These are our next goals.

Our mission is to take drilling technology to the highest level of excellence so that we drill highest quality, smoothest (lowest tortuoisity) wells in the fastest time and in the safest and most cost effective way. To that end, we are stretching the boundaries of science and technology. Read below. 

The world's fastest data visualization and automated statistical analysis platform for rigs

An experienced directional driller can optimize 8 to 10 rigs simultaneously from your control room

In physics research we have built large particle accelerators like the ones at Fermilab and CERN. In these experiments we make several petabytes of particle data available to scientists world-wide in real time. We built sophisticated control rooms to precisely control proton-anti proton collisions - the particle interactions invisible to human eyes. 

We bring this experience to oil industry. Quarkonics' data compression technology will allow real-time streaming of hundreds of terabytes of oil well data from multiple rig sites to your central control room over minimum bandwidth. What is the technology behind it? It's the way we compress data on one side and reconstruct it on the other side. This level of data transmission enables drilling experts to optimize drilling on eight to ten rigs simultaneously.

Our highly optimized fast statistical analysis algorithms can fit as many as 400 plots every second and find outliers or predict downhole behavior in real time. In addition, the platform will come with extreme data security with only 0.0000001% chance of data leak. This level of security is possible because we don't send all data at once and we do not send it on one channel. The remote data visualization technology can be integrated seamlessly with your rig software.

With better data visualization, you can operate well sites more predictively, take actions beforehand to reduce surprises and losses, and produce high quality wells and save costs.


Next generation custom sensors for fastest and safest drilling

Carbon nanotubes, 3D silicon technologies, MEMs, and smart sensors that are augmented with AI are the key ingredients of future drilling technology.

At Quarkonics we developed a nanotechnology based downhole flow sensor, 1cm x 1cm chip that can accurately sense fluid pressure up to 10,000 PSI, sustain harsh downhole conditions of -50 C to 300 C temperature range and mud-fluid full of debris and rock cuttings. These sensors are extremely valuable in detecting downhole kicks or presence of H2S gas. 

We have IOT vibration sensors. These sensors monitor machine vibrations to detect and diagnose mechanical faults in pumps, motors, and various machines on rig sites and refineries. 

We design and provide custom sensors for your rigs. With better sensors, you can achieve better control over your drilling operations and save millions of dollars. 

With high-tech drilling machines, you can drill high quality, smooth, low tortuosity wells, resulting in much lower cost of well completion and more oil production over the lifetime of each well. 

Build Ultimate Drilling Machines with our world-class R&D capabilities

  • 300+ world-class Ph.Ds, engineers, and academic experts in automation, physics, and sensor technologies.

  • 25 years of experience of solving complex scientific problems, track record of successes in academia and oil industry automation projects, and our domain expertise. 

  • Unique innovation and problem solving processes: the way we define problems, work collaboratively, think scientifically, think differently and creatively, and bring ideas from cross-industry experiences.

  • Our expertise in adaptive AI based control technologies, specifically the way we apply reinforcement learning technology in a unique way so that algorithms find new patterns in data by interacting with environment as well as capture experts' knowledge to minimize trial & error. 

  • And our breakthrough AI technologies that require 60% less GPUs for training and you can train models and find patterns with as minimum as 20 training samples and still make accurate predictions. 

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    • In the beginning of 2019, Quarkonics signed a long term agreement with National oilwell Varco to develop automation solutions and solve complex technology problems