Consulting Opportunities

Consulting Opportunities

Quarkonics Applied Research Corporation invites applications from scientists interested in Industrial consulting opportunities for several Senior and post-doctoral level contract positions.Quarkonics Applied Research Corporation is a scientific consulting company that serves oil and gas and manufacturing industries. We are the pioneers of technologies such as the world’s first robotic oil well drilling, real time machine machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance technology, the world;s first downhole flow sensor, virtual rig simulator and downhole data compression technology.

We are looking for scientists with strong track record of solving complex scientific problems involving physics analysis of mechanical systems, fluid dynamics, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and adaptive automation.

Consultants will collaborate in groups of 2-4, each group led by a senior scientist, to help industrial experts in design and development of technology solutions to their industrial problems. Some travel may be required but no relocation is necessary.

Please send your CV and cover letters to Ms. Sindhu Nair at The review of applications will begin from January 15 and will continue until all positions are filled.

Contact: N. P. Kulkarni