About Quarkonics

About Quarkonics

Established in 2012, Quarkonics is a group of 300+ scientists from diverse fields in science and technology, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), material science, data analysis, sensor technologies, physics, among others. Our mission is to accelerate innovation and creatively solve the challenging problems in industry by bringing together right scientific ideas, right technological advances and the right experts.

Industrial problems have become increasingly complex due to the intersection of different domains. For example in the oil & gas industry, to solve the problem of oil well drilling automation, it takes an army of experts from mechanical engineering, physics, geology, machine learning, sensor technologies, simulation experts, and so on. Physicists are needed to understand the dynamics of drill-string; geological experts can provide inputs on the nature of different rock structures; mechanical engineering scientists perform finite element analysis; fluid dynamic experts simulate downhole conditions; sensor technologists identify right sensors; statistical data analysts find patterns in the sensor data and study correlations among parameters; machine learning experts develop algorithms to tackle uncertainties....

Bringing together this vast and varied mix of experts, ideas, concepts, and tools is not an easy task. This combination may not be readily available to a company, and progress towards a solution is often delayed or halted. To counter this, companies resort to two options: either hire as many experts as possible or try to outsource. For most projects neither of these approaches work. A company cannot hire every scientist as and when needed, and no single company can provide all the expertise, tools and knowledge base required to solve a complex problem. Also, new technology innovation is core to your business strategy and you cannot afford to outsource it.

Quarkonics offers a third and better pathway to innovation. Our teams of scientists come from multiple fields, and work with you to identify the best, most feasible and most economical solution for your technology challenges. We work with your engineering teams to develop solutions using advanced technologies, simultaneously helping them build domain expertise in the field. With Quarkonics, you can avoid project delays and innovate faster. Our specialized expertise, combined with experience in multiple industries like oil & gas and manufacturing, helps ensure that you have a solution that is significantly better and developed faster, helping your company succeed in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Spirit of Quarkonics

We believe in three core values:

Passion for solving problems nobody has solved before:
We are scientists. We like to take challenges. We solve challenging problems because we have the ability to solve problems; and we must use our ability, our knowledge and expertise and solve those problems, because if we don't, who else will? That’s the reason Quarkonics exists.

Create value for our customers:
We are a customer focused company. We spend a lot of time in understanding our customers, their business, their engineering operations, problems they are facing, their current needs, and their real goals. Our only focus is to solve customers’ problems and help them achieve their goals.

Have fun in solving problems:
Our happiness and fun comes from working with some of the smartest minds in science and technology and industries. And from creating innovative technological solutions for customers that make their business faster, better, and more efficient.


N.P. Kulkarni
Quarkonics Applied Research Corporation
Lead Scientist

Dr. N. P. Kulkarni is a physicist and lead scientist at Quarkonics Applied Research Corporation. Dr. Kulkarni attracted over 300 scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to Quarkonics Innovation platform where companies and world-class scientists collaborate to solve some of the most challenging problems industries face today. He led the development of pioneering technologies such as the world's first real-time oil well drilling automation technology, real time machine condition monitoring technology, the world's first downhole flow sensor, virtual rig simulator, and downhole data compression technology. He owns a patent for the downhole flow sensor.

As a physicist, Dr. Kulkarni's early research contributed to the understanding of nature of dark matter. Prior to founding Quarkonics and RTDT Labs, he conducted research at T2K Neutrino Experiment in Japan where he helped conceptualize and develop a state of the art data acquisition and data monitoring system for the Neutrino detector. Dr. Kulkarni is one of the winners of the Breakthrough Prize that was awarded to T2K experiment in 2016. Before that, Dr. Kulkarni was at Fermi National Laboratory, where his work provided the world's first experimental evidence of Charm Mixing, solving a problem that had vexed the scientific community for over 20 years. He has a Ph.D. in physics and has studied management at Harvard Business School.


To accelerate innovation and creatively solve challenging problems in industry by bringing together right scientific advances, right technologies and right experts

Our Strengths

  • Network of scientists
  • Technology partnerships
  • Innovative processes
  • AI & IoT Frameworks
  • Knowledge base
  • Products and Technologies
  • Expertise
  • Thought Leadership
  • Intellectual Property

Scientific thinking is our forte. We measure, analyze, and understand. Then we use that knowledge to develop automation technologies for you to make your business operations better, cheaper, and faster.