We started our journey in 2009 where a team of scientists from Fermi National Laboratory and the US universities came together and formed a consulting company to provide our scientific expertise to industry. We started with 6 scientists and our network grew to 300 scientists. We focused our services for the oil industry. Our major breakthrough product was the development of autonomous oil well drilling technology. We also developed a nanotechnology based downhole flow sensor that can measure fluid pressure up to 10000 PSI and sustain the temperature range of -50 degree centigrade to +300 degree Centigrade. In addition, we developed data compression technology for real time machine monitoring on rigs.


Quarkonics Applied Research Corporation - some notable milestones

Established in 2010

Quarkonics was founded by Dr. N. P. Kulkarni, a physicist. Inspired by Thomas Edison, our dream is to industrialize R&D to solve technology problems faster and smarter. Initially we started with six scientists, and the network grew into 300 scientists from all over the globe.
Quarkonics was incorporated as a C-Corp in Michigan in 2012.

Development of RT-ADS - 2011

Quarkonics got its first break in 2011 when we developed RT-ADS - a real time drilling automation solution for National Oilwell Varco.

The world's first downhole flow sensor- 2013

We developed, now patented, downhole flow sensor that can sustain the temperatures of -50 to 300 degree Celsius and measure pressure up to 10,000 PSI

Data compression technology-2015

The biggest problem in Industrial IOT is how to transmit real time data from 5000 machines to cloud. No other IoT company than Quarkonics has been able to solve this problem. Our extremely light weight data transmission technology uses minimum bandwidth to transmit data from thousands of machines every few seconds.

Improving machine efficiency with AI- 2015

Combining our light-weight data transmission technology with AI, we developed a vibration monitoring solution for wind-mills, manufacturing, and refineries. These devices listen to critical machines 24/7 to detect efficiency issues and provide recommendations on calibrations to improve their efficiency

Directional Drilling Automation - 2018-19

We invented the world's first autonomous precision directional drilling technology that can keep the drill bit on track with 94% accuracy, improve rate of penetration (ROP) by 35%, and drill smooth low tortuosity oil wells.

Spirit of Quarkonics


Passion for solving tough problems

We are scientists. We like to take challenges. We solve challenging problems because we have the ability to solve problems; and we must use our ability, our knowledge and expertise and solve those problems, because if we don't, who else will? That’s the reason Quarkonics exists. Speed matters. Problems must be solved faster.

Create long term value for customers

We are a customer focused company. We spend a lot of time in understanding our customers, their business, their engineering operations, problems they are facing, their current needs, and their real goals. We focus on what is important to customers.

Think differently

One cannot do the same things that others are doing and expect to produce better solutions than others. A problem exists because all standard methods did not work. We must think differently. That is why Quarkonics matters. 

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  • In the beginning of 2019, Quarkonics signed a long term agreement with National oilwell Varco to develop automation solutions and solve complex technology problems