Helmsman, a sliding control system that drillers can trust

Helmsman drills a smooth horizontal oil well using steerable mud motor, with incredible 86% accuracy, 94% efficiency, and 35% higher ROP. Helmsman means reliability.


Helmsman will produce high quality horizontal wells, consistently, significantly faster,  and save hundreds of millions of dollars for oil industry every year.

Robustness and reliability of Helmsman comes from the rigorous logic of intersection of three fields: physics, advanced control systems, and predictive AI. 


Helmsman is not an Artificial Intelligence (AI) black-box. Purely AI based systems have a reliability problem- no matter how many million miles of drilling you use for training, there will be scenarios that they will not know. 

Helmsman, on other hand, is based on physics and mathematical models and a slight touch of AI. It is the scientific rigor that makes Helmsman transparent and predictable in any situation. 

Our science, your solutions

Quarkonics offers unique R&D services for energy industry with focus on physics driven engineering innovation.

We are a large group of scientists, with over 300 world-class physicists, material scientists, geophysicists, and automation experts in our internal network. We come together with passion for solving the most challenging problems facing oil & gas and energy industry today. We have developed a unique problem solving process based on our years of experience in fundamental scientific research. 

The name Quarkonics signifies the intersection of science and engineering (Quarks, the fundamental building blocks of universe in physics. Quarkonics - beyond electronics). 

Quarkonics means solving challenging problems through rigorous scientific thinking and breakthrough innovation

Our goal is to apply science and technology to make energy cleaner, cheaper, and available everywhere

Partner with Quarkonics if you want to solve tough problems that require rigorous scientific thinking and breakthrough engineering innovations. You will get the solutions that people will trust.

Physics analysis, modeling, and simulation of complex mechanical systems used in energy industry

Physics driven automation to make machines more efficient, produce high quality output

Novel sensor technologies to reduce uncertainty and waste in energy production processes


Some of our scientists, partners, and advisors

N. P. Kulkarni

Tone Rosingholm
Claude Pruneau

Tony Pink

Girish Chowdhary
Stefan Thomke

Terry Virts

Mark Baskaran


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Detroit 48202


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