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Quarkonics is a group of over 300 scientists and experts from many different fields such as material science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensor technologies, IoT, automation, and so on. Our mission is to help you solve industrial technology problems faster, by giving you new ideas and fresh perspectives from world experts, and by removing every barrier that stands between you and your goal.

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Quarkonics Services

Data acquistino and analysis

AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis

Virtual Reality based solutions

Development of Industrial IoT solutions for digital transformation of manufacturing plants

Development of embedded solutions

Material science and sensor technologies

Scientific modeling and simulation

Real-time data acquisition and analysis

Rapid prototyping of innovation

Scientific modeling and simulation of mechanical systems

Root cause analysis of product

Software implementation of scientific algorithms

Root cause analysis of product

Rapid prototyping of innovation projects

Root cause analysis of product

Development of virtual reality solutions

Root cause analysis of product

Ask the innovators Platform

Root cause analysis of product

Corporate and Individualized trainings in Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Data analytics

Case Studies

Case study: RT-ADS
Case Study: Virtual Rig Simulator
Case Study: Compression technology – downhole data
Case Study: Downhole flow sensor

Clients & Partners

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